Conchita Leeflang is an award winning platinum selling recording artist, born in Suriname (South America). The youngest of seven children from Franklin Leeflang and Ursila Leeflang Playfair, Conchita was born in a family of entertainers. Her father was a songwriter and the lead singer of the band Los Negros. Conchita has always been a very energetic child, and the highlight of her
life was when she could sing with her father and grand father. She has lived in Suriname several years and moved to Belgium where her father was the Ambassador for Suriname. After being discovered at a school talent show, and offered a record contract, Conchita made a decision and made her love for music her career. Her first record ever recorded was "Don't fade away Hoshana"

While recording her music, Conchita was also setting forth her modeling career,
dancing and theater acting. Her singing really took of, when she started working with the producers of Technotronic on a project called "Black Kiss". Both the first and the second album were instant hits, and were ranked in the top ten billboard chart. First one "Jump on the floor" went Platinum. And "Fun Boy" went gold. Other projects were. "House machine" with Plastic Bertrand. "Bang Gang Night" With the group called the Bang Gang

After being offered a modeling contract in Los Angeles, Conchita decided to take a break from her singing and moved to California, where she also started taking acting classes with Aaron Speiser Acting Studio, and has been a student of his for well over 14 years and counting.

Conchita has worked in film and television over the years and has had a few roles in,


Super Spy - Stephanie
The call of a siren - Lead
De Vrouw van Jerry(Dutch)- Lead

The Cheapest movie ever made. - Supporting
Unbeatable Harold - Ursula-Universal Studios

The Youngest Guns - Song Image Entertainment 


The X show - Guest star FX
The Women of the tropics Guest star HBO
Sliders - Latoya
Performing As Tina Turner - FOX TV

Martin Bullard's  "Million Dollar Decorator"

Conchita is currently recording a new CD with original music in collaboration with several high profile artist, which is due to come out by the beginning of 2014. 


Conchita always loved Tina Turner and became well known for performing on “Performing As” which aired on Fox in 2003.  She toured throughout Europe and North America, selling out to huge audiences, and included some of Tina Turner’s covers included in her original songs. In 2008, she performed for the charity event “Playing For Good” in Majorca Spain along with Chaka Khan and John Legend.  


Conchita’s favorite people to have paired up on stage were. Paul Allen, Kid Rock and Axl rose from Guns and Roses. 

Conchita is the designer and CEO of her own baby clothing line “ Baby London Victoria”.


In 2010 Conchita was named by GQ magazine one of the 100 most beautiful women worldwide. 

Conchita is due to film the third season of her reality show. Nederlandse Hollywood Vrouwen". Translated as "Dutch Hollywood Wives", with co-stars Yolanda Foster (Beverly Hills Housewives), Princess Inge and Myrthe Mylius, and also getting ready to do the spinoff of her own show.